Mapping Multiple Records into Single Record

The problem came up again to map Multiple records into a Single Record.  I know I had solved it once but had spaced out – so I decided to blog about it so that it would help me as well as others who are in the same situation.

This is what I had:

<DATA type="subject">test subject 6</DATA>
<DATA type="name">test subject 6</DATA>
<DATA type="category">Other</DATA>
<DATA type="from-email"></DATA>
<DATA type="from-name">test name</DATA>
<DATA type="clickthru">on</DATA>
<DATA type="clickthru-text">off</DATA></RECORD></DATASET>

And I wanted to map it into :

<ns0:Root xmlns:ns0="http://InternalSchemas.CrmContactHistory">

This is where I found the looping functoid extremely useful: Here is the Picture of how the map looks:

Check the looping functoid

Check out the use of looping functoid.  The “Equal” functoids map the element into the appropriate element of the outbound schema


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