BizTalk – Solution Template

Note: If you have Visual Studio 11 (beta) installed double clicking the template will not work.  I have added a bug report.  The problem seems to be with the VSIXInstaller.exe shipped with the beta.  You should use the 2010 VSIXInstaller for the template to successfully install. 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE>VSIXInstaller.exe "C:\Users\mabhyankar\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\TemplateCreator\Multi-Project Templates Sample Solution\VSIXProject2\bin\Release\BizTalkFinalTemplateDR.vsix"

The solution template based on Dan Rosanova’s book – BizTalk Patterns 2010 is now complete.  Dan suggests in his book to structure the solution into 5 projects + 1 Unit test.

  • External Schemas: Schemas for the external parties
  • Internal Schemas: Canonical schemas
  • Maps: Maps internal to external schemas and vis-a-versa.
  • Orchestrations: Based on Internal schemas
  • Pipelines
  • Unit Tests

The solution template build the solution exactly how Dan Recommends.  It even creates other recommended folders and creates a signing key and adds it into the project.

Here is a link to download the template.

Link to the source code for solution template.

A visual studio caveat:

Visual studio saves the ApplicationName, ConfigurationDatabase, Restart Host Instance information in the .user file of the project.  This file is updated only when the user closes the visual studio solution.  I haven’t found a way to replace these parameters in the .user file.  So the solution template creates a .bat file that you can run which will replace the visual studio created .user files with the ones that you need.  But keep in mind that you have to close the visual studio project before you run the .bat file otherwise, VS will overwrite all the .user files with what it thinks is correct.

Enjoy the solution template.

  1. Thanks! This is really awesome. I had started this back in Visual Studio 2005 days and in 2010 they changed the way templates work and I never got around to updating my work (which wasn’t that far along anyway). This is fantastic and really saves a lot of time.

    Great work!

    • maddcoder
    • February 15th, 2012

    Thanks Dan.

    • Sumanth
    • February 17th, 2012

    Can you provide the source code for the template. I would like to make few changes to suit our needs.

    Thank you

  2. Could you say what those changes are, unless of course if they are company specific?

      • Sumanth
      • February 17th, 2012

      We just created a standard way of storing project related files, like BRE policies, vocabularies, BAM information, scripts and lot more. So we have a defined folder structure in the solution and which projects go into which folder.

  3. I just added a link to the source in my blog.

    • Vince
    • August 27th, 2012

    I obtain an error message when I use your template : Object reference not set…(After project creation)
    Is it necessary to have additionnal add-in on my Visual Studio 2010 ?

    • Vince
    • August 27th, 2012

    Maybe it’s the path in x64 computer for BizUnit :
    C:\Program Files (x86)\BizUnit\BizUnit 4.0\Bins\

  1. February 15th, 2012
  2. October 10th, 2014

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